Yuu Amanai
天内 悠, Amanai Yū
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) The King Returns
Debut (Manga)
Age About 30 years old (probably)
Hair Color Blonde
Height 188 cm
Weight 89 kg
Fighting Style Amanai-ryu Martial Arts
Voice Masaya Takatsuka (Japanese)
Family Yujiro Hanma (Master)

Yuu Amanai (天内 悠, Amanai Yū) is an apprentice and endorsement of Yujiro Hanma during the Maximum Tournament.




Baki the GrapplerEdit

Maximum Tournament SagaEdit

Yujiro meets him in America, where he is serving as a bodyguard to the President. To get Amanai in the tournament, Yujiro breaks Jagatta Sherman's spine and requests that Tokugawa allows Amanai a place in the tournament.

He is later seen on a plane covered in casts and bandages with Ian Mcgregor, Artemis Raegan and Richard Filth.


His style is based on love and knowing what the enemy does not want to happen and executing that action. He fights Yamamoto Minoru in the first round and easily wins with kicks from above. He then fights Orochi Doppo. During the fight he begged Tokugawa to end his match for Doppo's safety prompting Yujiro to enter the arena and assault Amanai, calling him a weakling.


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