Windmill Punch
Windmill punch
Names Windmill Punch
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Brute Force
User(s) Kaioh Retsu
Similar None

Windmill Punch (グルグルパンチ, Gurugurupanchi) is a fighting technique.


This move is not a true martial arts technique, it is just a silly move that is using by children. The user just recklessly swings his arms like a windmill and attacks the opponent with all his strength.

In the third series of the manga, Kaioh Retsu used this move during his fight with Pickle. He realised that his 4000 years of Chinese Kenpo is useless to fight Pickle, and he couldn't defeat Pickle's durability with his martial arts he trained his whole life. He started to despair and used Windmill Punch against Pickle.