Triceratops Fist
Triceratops fist
Names Triceratops Fist
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Baki Hanma's Style
User(s) Baki Hanma
Similar Leaning Forwards Stance

Triceratops Fist (トリケラトプス拳, Torikeratopusu Ken) is Baki Hanma's fighting technique.


During the technique, Baki leans his upper body forward, puts his right leg back and clenches both his fist to make a stance looking like a shape of Triceratops. Baki can make another version of this technique that imitates other prehistoric creatures, such as a Pteranodon or a T-rex.

Despite of a fact that Baki's weight is about 70 kilos, the weight of that attack is exceed 100 kilos, and the power is strong enough to push over a car.