Tateoka 2018 e e
館岡, Tateoka
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OAD
Debut (Manga) Ready Go!
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Judo
Voice None
Family Unknown
Tateoka (館岡, Tateoka) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki.


Tateoka is an arrogant young man who claims that he can fight anywhere and anybody. All he need is to hear the following words: "Ready, go". He said that he fights for his fame and status. Tateoka is a little unpolite and disrespect. He was a subordinate of Kanji Igari.




Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

He was having dinner with Kanji Igari and Mitsunari Tokugawa, showing them his arrogance and prideful. But during the meeting, he was taunt by Sikorsky, who putted a plate on his head and said "Ready, go". Enraged, Tateoka grabbed him by his shirt, but Sikorsky stopped him with a dinner knife and slashed Tateoka with his knuckle while he was distracted by his hand. Afterwards, Tateoka was being hospitalized. It is unknown what happened to him later.


Tateoka is strong man. He is a first class judoka. Tateoka has amazing appetite and can eats a lot of food. But despite of that, Tateoka couldn't even hit Sikorsky. Tateoka's face was slashed by his knuckle.