Takeshi Kenmochi
Takeshi kenmochi
剣持武志, Kenmochi Takeshi
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) None
Debut (Manga) Assault
Age 21 years old
Hair Color Unknown
Height About 185 cm
Fighting Style Mixed Martial Arts
Voice None
Family Unknown

Takeshi Kenmochi (剣持武志, Kenmochi Takeshi) is a fictional character from manga series of Hanma Baki.


Thanks to his strength and martial arts skill, he is very confident person. Sometimes he's walking down the streets and looking for someone who can fight with him. Takeshi is searching somebody strong and skilled that can give him a good challenge on hand to hand combat. He has never lost in a street fight and he never met a man stronger and taller than him, so his confidence is rather strong.


Takeshi is very muscular man with about 7'00" tall. His hands are always inside his coat pockets.



He practiced a lot of sumo wrestling in elementary school and he was an expert in judo when he was in highschool. He has never won any national titles on competitions, but he was always a regular contender, admired and feared by everyone. When he started college, he learned karate, boxing and started to lifting weights. He improved so much that no matter where he goes nobody can match his power or the size of his muscles, not even in a fight.


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