Stirrings of Destiny
Episode number 1
English title Stirrings of Destiny
Original title 宿命への胎動
Saga Childhood Saga
Series Baki the Grappler TV
Original airdate January 8, 2001
Episode Chronology
Previous None
Next Those Who Squirm

Stirrings of Destiny is the first episode of Baki the Grappler anime. The original airdate of this episode was January 8, 2001.


Baki Hanma fights a gang of 100 thugs and he manages to defeat 37 people. Afterward, he is walked home by Detective Kido and his partner, who watched the fight. Baki then trains and thinks about what he should do to get stronger. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa, the man who hired the thugs to fight Baki in order to test his strength, pays the gang's leader named Kitazawa. Also, Baki watches a sparring match between Yuri Chakovsky, the international welterweight boxing champion, and Dinoy, Thailand's Muay Thai champion.


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