Ryuukou Yanagi
Baki new ova34
柳 龍光, Yanagi Ryūkō
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OAD
Debut (Manga) From Japan: Yanagi Ryuukou
Age 35 years old (probably)
Hair Color Black
Height 160 cm (probably)
Weight 55 kg (probably)
Fighting Style Way of the Void
Voice Hisao Egawa (Japanese)
Family Kunimatsu (Master)

Ryuukou Yanagi (柳 龍光, Yanagi Ryūkō) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki.

He is known as "Yanagi the Poisoner" (猛毒柳, Mōdoku Yanagi).





The smallest of the convicts physically, he is later being shown as the most deadly. He is the only convict whose crime is known, that he killed a dozen men in prison as a test bed for his new skill. He uses a special martial art called Way of the Void (空道, Kōdō). In this style he practices Vacuum Palm, Whip Strike, Poison Hand and many others.



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