Episode number 2
English title Reverse
Original title 超A級リザーバー
Saga Maximum Tournament Saga
Series Baki the Grappler:
Maximum Tournament
Original airdate July 30, 2001
Episode Chronology
Previous The Opening
Next Darkness from Light

Reverse is the second episode of Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament. Its Japanese air date is July 30, 2001.


In the third A-Block match of round one, heavyweight kickboxing champion Rob Robinson takes on the professional wrestler Antonio Igari; in the fourth A-Block match of round one, Izou Motobe fights the grand sumo Kinryuuzan; in the first B-Block match of round one, the Sambo master Sergei Taktaroff fights Kaioh Retsu, a master of Chinese Kenpo; in the second B-Block match of round one, Kiyosumi Katou fights the son of the Yasha-Zaru - Yasha-Zaru Jr.


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