Poison Hand
Poison hand
Names Poison Hand
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Way of the Void
User(s) Ryuukou Yanagi
Kaioh Ri
Similar None

Poison Hand (毒手, Dokute) is a special technique used by Ryuukou Yanagi.


At the first, the user have to prepare a certain poison. He using to this a sand and a substance from a quantities of lethal herbs and insects. Then, the user have to put their hands into that poison, then put their hands into the antidote, 7 times a day and 9 times during night, for 5 days. It is very painful. When the hands colour turning into a color of a sweet potato, it means the poisoning has reached its maximum effect.

The poison is a basic organic combination that affects the opponent's nerves. A small amount can make a person blind. If it reaches the blood stream, it will kill the person. Baki Hanma was hit by the Poison Hand and became very skinny, weak and he constantly coughed with blood. The poison was so dangerous and even Kureha Shinogi and Reichi Ando couldn't make an antidote. The only way to cure the poison was using an other person's Poison Hand. Fortunately, Kaioh Ri was the person who also could use that technique.