Offensive Shaori
Offensive shaori
Names Offensive Shaori
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Kaioh Kaku's Chinese Kenpo
User(s) Kaioh Kaku
Similar Defensive Shaori
Offensive Shaori (攻めの消力, Seme no Shaorī; literally: Offensive Power of Disappearance) is a fighting technique.

Shaori word literally means "Power of Disappearance" and it's a chinese technique (Chinese pinyin: Xiāo Lì).


After using Defensive Shaori, the fighter absorbs the force of the opponent's attack. Offensive Shaori allows a person to put an entire body weight into his blows, along with the force of his opponent's own attack. With this technique, even a punch from a weak person can become amazingly powerful.

Kaioh Kaku absorbed Yujiro's blows, and then his withered fists could destroy a stone wall. He injured Yujiro Hanma and slighly dominate him for a little time, even making him bleed.