Names Nukite
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Karate
User(s) Kosho Shinogi
Kosho's Master
Doppo Orochi
Yujiro Hanma
Similar None
Nukite (貫手, Nukite; literally: Penetration Hand) is a karate fighting technique.


The fighter uses his hand, only with four fingers (without a thumb), which looks like a spear. The user thrusts the opponent's body with this hand.

Every karateka can use this technique, but Kosho Shinogi is one of the greatest experts of this move. He can easly cut human skin and flesh, or destroy a punching bag with one stab. Doppo Orochi is very good at using this technique too. He could easily puncture an oil drum with his spear hand. He also tried to use a double nukite attack during a fight with Yujiro Hanma.

Jack Hanma also used this move during a fight with Alexander Gallen, and nearly killed him by stabbing Gallen's ribs into his heart. Yujiro Hanma has also been seen using the nukite to bleed dry a deer (in one of Baki's flashbacks in the manga series).