内藤, Naitō
Origin Unknown
Debut (Anime) Stirrings of Destiny
Debut (Manga) Hanma Baki, 13 years old!!
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Fighting Style Unknown
Voice Masayuki Nakata (Japanese)
Phil Parsons (English)
Family Unknown

Naito (内藤, Naitō) is a minor character in Baki the Grappler.


Naito is very coffident and highly underestimates Baki during their incounter. Naito must of developed quite a reputation since Kitazawa's men cheer for him when he shows up. Kitazawa especially must respect him since he was bowing in front of him and begging for his help.



Baki the GrapplerEdit

Childhood SagaEdit

Almost nothing is known about his past although it can be assumed that he has met Kitazawa before the start of the series.


Nothing is known about his fighting abilities since he is knocked out by Baki imediatly on incounter. Kitazawa however stated that he was quite strong.

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