Muhammad Ali
M ali
モハメド・アリ, Mohamedo Ari
Origin USA
Debut (Anime) None
Debut (Manga) The Wind in the Willows
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Boxing
Voice None
Family Unknown

Muhammad Ali (モハメド・アリ, Mohamedo Ari) is a character from manga series of Hanma Baki. His real name is Cassius Clay (カシアス・クレイ, Kashiasu Kurei).






  • Muhammad Ali was the real-life American professional boxer.
  • In Baki world, there was already a character based on that famous boxer – Mohammad Alai from the second series of the manga. However, even that Mohammad Alai appeared in the series, it looks like the manga author decided to make a few mentions about the real Muhammad Ali in the third series of the manga.

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