Mohammad Alai Jr
Alai jr
マホメド・アライJr., Mahomedo Arai Jr.
Origin USA (probably)
Debut (Anime) None
Debut (Manga) Grotesque
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Mohammad Alai's Boxing Style
Voice None
Family Mohammad Alai (Father)

Mohammad Alai Jr (マホメド・アライJr., Mahomedo Arai Jr.) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki.





He possesses some of the fastest reflexes and has destructive power in his punches. He participated in the Chinese tournament alongside the Japanese/American team. During the tournament he showcased his amazing abilities as a fighter. He claims to have perfected a martial art that only involves punches. However he has one major weakness: unlike other fighters, he was not prepared to face the possibility of his own death in the fight.


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