Kosho Shinogi
鎬昂昇, Shinogi Kōshō
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Debut (Manga) Tokyo Dome's Underground Battleground!!
Age About 30 years old (probably)
Hair Color Brown/Red
Height 177 cm
Weight 81 kg
Fighting Style Himo-kiri Karate
Shinogi-ryu Karate
Voice Kazuhiro Tanaka (Japanese)
Kaneto Shiozawa (Japanese, OVA)
Christopher Sabat (English)
Family Kureha Shinogi (Brother)
Unnamed Master

Kosho Shinogi (鎬昂昇, Shinogi Kōshō) is a strong karate fighter that fought Baki Hanma. The younger brother of Kureha Shinogi, and an expert in himo-kiri karate, known also as cord-cutting karate.

He is known as the "Cord-Cutting Shinogi" (紐切り鎬, Himokiri Shinogi).


At the beginning of the series, Kosho is shown to be strong but overconfident due to his cord cutting style making everyone fear him. Due to his first loss by the hands of Baki Hanma he starts to become more humble.

It is shown in the match between him and his older brother Kureha. Kosho feels overshadowed by his older brother for always watching over him making Kosho appear weak to others and always needing protection from his older sibling, during the match Kosho begins to have a nervous breakdown and reverts back to when he was a child and begins to cry and fear of his older brother opting Kureha to feel compassion for his younger brother and forfeits the match. Kosho loves and loathes his older brother Kureha for overshadowing him his entire life over time the brothers grew to share each others love for one another's as equals.


Shinogi Kosho is a lean slightly muscular average height man his exact age is unknown but appears to be in his early 20's. In the anime he has long brown wavy hair with a purple tint. He sports a dark purple/violet colored Karate gi uniform with black belt and the sleeves rolled up. In the Baki OVA special Kosho's color scheme is completely different. Instead of brown hair he sports bright red hair and Karate gi.

In the New Grappler Baki series, Kosho faces off against Doyle and is blasted by a bomb strapped to Doyle's chest severely burning Kosho's body only to be healed up by his older brother.



He fights using a technique called cord cutting which involves cutting your opponents nerves so they can't move.




  • His appearance is probably based on visual kei rocker named Yoshiki.

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