Kaioh Dorian
Baki new ova31
怒李庵 海王, Dorian Kaiō
Origin USA
Debut (Anime) The Opening (cameo)
Debut (Manga) Synchronicity
Age 60 years old (probably)
Hair Color Grey
Height About 190 cm (probably)
Weight About 100 kg (probably)
Fighting Style Chinese Kenpo
Voice Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese)
Family Kaioh Ryu (Master)

Kaioh Dorian (怒李庵 海王, Dorian Kaiō) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.





In his youth he was a Private in the United States Army shortly after World War II, and he was stationed in Japan where he presumably started learning martial arts. He became a practitioner of Chinese kenpo and learned from the same school, and reached the same rank of Kaioh as Retsu, the first Western man in history to attain that title. Retsu is younger, and obtained the Kaioh rank after Dorian had already left the temple. They shared the same Master, Ryu Kaioh.


Dorian is a great Chinese Kenpo's fighter. Besides martial arts he also knows a form of hypnosis to cloud his opponents' senses and allows Dorian to defeat them. Of all the five convicts, he is most notable for his use of a wide variety of tools in fights, such as flammable materials, lightweight wire, and even covering his knuckles in broken glass.



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