Jeff Markson
Jeff markson
ジェフ・マークソン, Jefu Mākuson
Origin USA
Debut (Anime) None
Debut (Manga) You Got a Nerve
Age Unknown
Hair Color Gray
Fighting Style Different Martial Arts
Voice None
Family Unknown

Jeff Markson (ジェフ・マークソン, Jefu Mākuson) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki.





He is a former NYPD cop, who used to threaten and extort from hippies, as a "secret side job". As a result of his corruption, Oliva was sent to hunt him down. Markson encountered Oliva while he was doing his usual side job, and Oliva destroyed every part of his body, "barely within a limit of not killing a human" according to Markson, leaving him in a hideously disfigured shape. Since then, Markson lived only thinking of avenging Oliva.


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