Jack Hanma
Jack Hammer
ジャック範馬, Jakku Hanma
Origin Canada
Debut (Anime) The Opening
Debut (Manga) The Festival Has Begun!!
Age 25 years old
Hair Color Blonde
Height 193 cm (6'4") (Debut)
243 cm (8'0") (Baki-Dou)
Weight 116 kg (255 lbs)
201 kg (443 lbs) (Baki-Dou)
Fighting Style Pit Fighting
Voice Kōichi Sakaguchi (Japanese)
Family Diane Neil (Mother)
Yujiro Hanma (Father)
Baki Hanma (Half-Brother)
Unnamed Grandmother
Yuichiro Hanma (Grandfather)

Jack Hanma (ジャック範馬, Jakku Hanma) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. In the English dub, his name has been changed to Jak Xamma (pronounced "Zah-mah").

His ringname is Jack Hammer (ジャック・ハンマー, Jakku Hanmā).

Personality Edit

Jack´s driving force is to defeat his father and to avenge his mother who was raped by Yujiro. He turned into a monster without balance who only cares to become stronger to take revenge.

He see Baki as a rival, but also likes him deep in his heart.


He trained so long to reach his goal that his muscles got weaker in the process. After he took the drugs to let his muscles grow he destroyed his body even more and shorten his life extremely.

Since he consumes drugs he is extremely muscular. He has blue eyes, a piercing gaze and blonde short hair. He often wears a blue t-shirt, a long jeans or shorts pants. His eyebrows and lips are pretty huge.


Baki the GrapplerEdit


Like his brother Baki, he has since childhood wished to surpass his father Yujiro Hanma in strength and martial ability. His obsession to defeat his father led to extreme overtraining at various fighting gyms which led to the deterioration of his body. He wasn't much more than skin and bones because his body had been damaged by overwork. For example, Jack would punch sandbags for over 12 hours without eating, resting, or even using the restroom. He claimed he will never be able to defeat his father with normal training. After his encounter with the Yujiro-inspired scientist named Dr. John who witnessed Yujiro killing a polar bear. The scientist promises him great results if he tries using a special drug. He received from him a concentrated formula of steroids to match his overtraining and gained immense power in the process and Jack had become even more mentally unstable.


Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

After the Maximum Tournament, Jack has Kureha Shinogi perform surgery to enlarge his bones where multiple of his bones were broken and he had his limbs amputated 8 times.


One of his main techniques is biting, and he can bite hard enough to easily crush wood with his teeth. He claim that his teeth can tear a coconut. Although he lost all of his teeth, his bite can still damage Izou Motobe when he wear a chain mail made of aramid fibers, which is made for plane and tire. His body is strong enough to surpass drugs, even though he used abnormal amount of drugs. His strength is shown many time in the story:He can take many blows from fighter in the Maximum tournament and still defeat them, even Alexander Gallen, who is know for superhuman strength and undefeated wrestling match, after the doping worn out and he vomit, his body still strong and fast enough to attack Baki rapidly that Baki cannot defend, defeating the convict Sikorsky in a telephone box and withstanding his knuckle slash in the underground arena, taking many blows from Mohammad Alai Jr and defeating him, cutting his tongue in the process, fighting with Pickle and making him run away in fear of the only creature that scare him: a wasp.




  • He is based on the legendary British professional wrestler Dynamite Kid.