Invisible Squash
Names Invisible Squash
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Chinese Kenpo
User(s) Kaioh Retsu
Similar Water Bullet

Invisible Squash (見えない目潰し, Mienai Metsubushi) is a fighting technique.


At the first, the user makes a deep breath. It have to be deep enough to inflate the upper body, and then he spits all the air he just inhale. The user have to use his hand to narrow the way of the bullet. Since it is air, the bullet cannot makes any damage, but if it hits the eyes, the opponent is temponary blind. The user can seize this opportunity to attack.

Durind the Maximum Tournament in the first series, Kaioh Retsu used this technique to blind Katsumi Orochi, then when he closed the distance, Retsu instantly defeated Katsumi with a special punch named Sunkei. Retsu did it so fast that Katsumi couldn't use his Mach Punch.