Hector Doyle
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ヘクター・ドイル, Hekutā Doiru
Origin United Kingdom
Debut (Anime) OAD
Debut (Manga) From United Kingdom: Doyle
Age 25 years old (probably)
Hair Color Red
Height 185 cm
Weight 85 kg
Fighting Style Brute Force
Voice Wataru Hatano (Japanese)
Family Unknown

Hector Doyle (ヘクター・ドイル, Hekutā Doiru) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki.


Despite of being a serial killer, he shows also his much more kind and normal side. Kaioh Retsu was his opponent, but at some point Doyle started to protect him when he was unconscious. And he did this until the morning. After being defeated by Katsumi Orochi, Doyle decided to take off his shirt as an act of respect. Later they become friends.

Appearance Edit

Hector Doyle is very muscular, and he stands at around 6ft, or 6ft 1in. Both his long sleeve shirt and pants are black, and his hair is a pinkish color. His eyes are also pink like his hair.



Most Evil Death Row Convicts SagaEdit

Not much is known about Doyle's background. All we know for sure is that he is a serial killer. In the manga, he is first seen in what appears to be an electric chair. During that moment, his final words are "I want to know defeat", before swiftly breaking free and killing the prison guards.


He fights using metal blades implanted into his joints and controlled by his nervous system. Doyle is strong and fast enough to defeat a prison guard with a punch immediately after he shoot him. Doyle has high durability: he survived after being shocked with an electric chair, survived after being attack by Retsu Kaioh who used multiable weapon, and he stills has strength to fight two thugs. He protected Retsu, staying until the morning, and he lost a lot of blood, but survived. He also has a generator in his heart which boosts his strength. He has a bomb strapped on his chest that detonate upon physical contact, he can also control it with his nerves. Doyle is good in using weapons. He put on himself an fire-proof clothes and used a bag of mixed wheat flour and gunpowder to destroy the Shinshinkai dojo.