Emi Akezawa
朱沢 江珠, Akezawa Emi
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) Stirrings of Destiny
Debut (Manga) The Bad Little Boy's Magnificent Life
Age About 30 years old (before death)
Hair Color Red/Brown
Height About 165 cm (probably)
Fighting Style None
Voice Yurika Hino (Japanese)
Wendy Powell (English)
Family Yujiro Hanma (Husband)
Baki Hanma (Son)
Yujiro's Mother (Mother-in-law)
Jack Hanma (Stepson)
Yuichiro Hanma (Father-in-law)

Emi Akezawa (朱沢 江珠, Akezawa Emi) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. She is the mother of Baki Hanma and the wife of Yujiro Hanma.


Emi Akezawa is a gorgeous woman. She is the wife of Yujiro Hanma and the mother of Baki Hanma. She loved Yujiro and vowed to raise Baki to be a warrior like Yujiro. Over time, her love becomes obsession and she never acts lovingly toward her son. But Yujiro wasn't satisfied with Baki's skills however and left her, leaving Emi with hatred towards Baki.

It is implied that she was a prostitute before she married into money. She and her husband, Eiichi Akezawa, saw Yujiro while on vacation. Her rich husband was angered by her infatuation of Yujiro and hit her, but he had his neck broken by Yujiro.



She had her neck broken by Baki's father and thought to be dead in season 1 but then she was resurected in the season 2: Saidai Hen Tournament.