Names Dress
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Unknown
User(s) Yuichiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma
Similar None

Dress (ドレス, Doresu) is a special technique from Hanma Baki. Originally, a name of the technique was written as "装い" (Yosō; literally: "Dress"), but an American people started to calling it on their own way.


The method of using the opponents body as a nunchaku. Centered around the ankle and the wrist, the user spins the victim around rapidly as if they were a pair of nunchaku. The speed at which they are spun gives the illusion of a cloak being formed around the user, fittingly named "dress".

The victim may be used to attack other people as a weapon by the user or simply damaged by being stuck against obstacles.

The original user of this technique is said to be Yujiro's father, Hanma Yuichiro which was revealed to the US upon one of their battleships.