Diane Neil
Diane Neil
ダイアン・ニール, Daian Nīru
Origin Canada
Debut (Anime) Blood Battle
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Age Unknown
Hair Color Blond
Fighting Style None
Voice Yurika Hino (Japanese)
Family Jack Hanma (Son)

Diane Neil (ダイアン・ニール, Daian Nīru) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. The mother of Jack Hanma.

She is also known as Jane (ジェーン, Jēn).


Diane is an attractive blond blue-eyed woman with a noticeably muscular body.


Diane shows a manipulative and cold, yet impulsive, demeanor in her interactions with Yujiro Hanma. Even to the point of killing another soldiers in cold blood. After being raped by Yujiro she's shown crying, visibly disturbed.


Baki the GrapplerEdit


She acted as if she was attracted to Yujiro's fighting skills and traveled with him during the Vietnam War. It was all part of a ploy to capture and kill him. Yujiro knew almost instantly, but he kept her around anyway. When he revealed that he knew that her real name was actually Diane Neil and that she was working for the United Nations, Yujiro raped her. Unlike Emi, who Yujiro chose to bare his son, Yujiro raped Jane out of anger rather than desire.

Maximum Tournament SagaEdit

She reappears very briefly at the end of Grappler Baki. Apparently she has followed the Korakuen Tournament in the shadows. She doesn't reappear after that.


Diane shows excellent handling of weapons and very good reflexes in one on one combat situations. This as a result of her military training. Yujiro describes her as a "skilled" woman.