Defensive Shaori
Defensive shaori
Names Defensive Shaori
Type Defensive
Fighting Style Kaioh Kaku's Chinese Kenpo
User(s) Kaioh Kaku
Yujiro Hanma
Kaioh Retsu
Similar Offensive Shaori
Defensive Shaori (守りの消力, Mamori no Shaorī; literally: Defensive Power of Disappearance) is a fighting technique.

Shaori word literally means "Power of Disappearance" and it's a chinese technique (Chinese pinyin: Xiāo Lì).


Defensive Shaori is a form of bodily control that allows the user to present zero resistance to oncoming blows. Literally making his body being like a feather. With that, the user can't take damage from punches or slashes. Kaioh Kaku is the best user of this technique. He absorbs the impact of attacks so perfectly that even Yujiro Hanma's punches at full force couldn't damage him. Yujiro also learned to do this technique, and used it during his fight with Kaku. In the fourth series of the manga, Kaioh Retsu also mastered this skill, but he couldn't protect himself against Musashi Miyamoto.

The user can even absorb the power of the blows, and use that force against his opponent. It is known as the Offensive Shaori.