Coming Home
Episode number 16
English title Coming Home
Original title 聖地への道
Saga Underground Arena Saga
Series Baki the Grappler TV
Original airdate April 23, 2001
Episode Chronology
Previous Reflections
Next Champion

Coming Home is the sixteenth episode of Baki the Grappler TV. The episode first aired on April 23, 2001.


Antonio Igari, a pro wrestler, tells Mitsunari Tokugawa, an old man who runs an underground fighting circuit, about Baki Hanma and his recent global travels. In the narrative, Baki is seen training and fighting, and, while in Brazil, he visits a fighting master named Dickson. Learning of the circuit, Baki returns to Japan to meet with Tokugawa, and he fights Tokugawa's bodyguards to earn a chance to enter the circuit.


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