Episode number 17
English title Champion
Original title 集結
Saga Underground Arena Saga
Series Baki the Grappler TV
Original airdate April 30, 2001
Episode Chronology
Previous Coming Home
Next The Cord-Cutter

Champion is the seventeenth episode of Baki the Grappler TV. The episode first aired on April 30, 2001.


Flash forward three years: Baki Hanma is now the champion of the underground arena. Mitsunari Tokugawa meets with Doppo Orochi, a great Shinshinkai karate fighter, and asks him to enter his son in the arena. Doppo finds Kiyosumi Katou, a former student, at his dojo beating up his fighters, and he introduces Katou to the arena. Baki trains for a fight at the boarding house where he is staying, where Kozue Matsumoto, the daughter of the woman who owns the house, has a crush on him.


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