Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament
Baki The Grappler Maximum Tournament
Directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Produced by Dynamite Tommy
Written by Yasunori Yamada
Music by Project Baki
Studio Group TAC
Licensed by Funimation
Network TV Tokyo
Released July 23, 2001 – December 24, 2001
Runtime 24x24 min

Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament (グラップラー刃牙 最大トーナメント編, Gurappurā Baki Saidai Tōnamento-hen) is a second 24-episode anime series, it tells the story from that part of the manga, aired from July 23, 2001 to December 24, 2001.

A music of the series was composed and written by "Project Baki", and the theme songs performed by Ryōko Aoyagi. For the second series, an opening theme is "All Alone" and ending theme is "Loved...". Baki the Grappler: Original Soundtrack was released on March 27, 2003. The series were licensed for a North American English release by Funimation Entertainment.


Baki Hanma is a great grappler who needs to live up to his name being the son of the the greatest grapplers of all time: Yujiro Hanma. At the Tokyo Dome's underground arena, anything goes and the odds are always stacked against you. Baki is the current champion of the urderground tournament and he fight to defend his title against the worlds strongest and best martial artists, including "the ogre" his own father Yujiro.

Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament's SagasEdit

List of EpisodesEdit

# English Title Original Title Airdate
1 The Opening 開始! July 23, 2001
2 Reverse 超A級リザーバー July 30, 2001
3 Darkness from Light ファイナルターゲット August 6, 2001
4 The King Returns オーガ降臨 August 13, 2001
5 User ヤツと闘る権利 August 20, 2001
6 The Tigerslayer Returns 達人 August 27, 2001
7 Fighting the Past 超えるべき者 September 3, 2001
8 Eras End 負けられぬ理由 September 10, 2001
9 Measure of a Man 武人対侠客 September 17, 2001
10 Robe of Death ファイティングキッズ September 24, 2001
11 The Chained Patriot October 1, 2001
12 Survivor 究極! 愚地流 October 8, 2001
13 Misdirection 揃い踏み October 15, 2001
14 Deception プロレス勝負! October 22, 2001
15 The Ace and the Serpent 悲運! 音速拳 October 29, 2001
16 How to Build a Better Monster 明日を捨てた男 November 5, 2001
17 Doppo vs Shibukawa 独歩、舞う! November 12, 2001
18 Warriors Legacy 継ぐ者 November 19, 2001
19 Monster 達人VS怪物 November 26, 2001
20 The Finals 決勝(ファイナル) December 3, 2001
21 Blood Battle シークレットウォー December 10, 2001
22 Soldiers Misfortune 進化する天才 December 17, 2001
23 Final Strike 決着 December 24, 2001
24 Public Enemy Zero 邂逅 December 24, 2001


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