Baki Ultimate Book: Fighting Side (Seiryu no Sho)
Baki Fighting Side
Author Keisuke Itagaki
Artist Keisuke Itagaki
Original Publisher Akita Shoten
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion
Genre Action, Martial Arts, Mature,
Original run 2004
Volumes 1 (Complete)

Baki Ultimate Book: Fighting Side (Seiryu no Sho) (バキアルティメットブック FIGHTHINGSIDE(青龍之書), Baki Arutimetto Bukku FIGHTHINGSIDE (Seiryū no Sho); literally: "Baki Ultimate Book: Fighting Side (Blue Dragon's Book)") is a compendium of every battle fought and its results in the world of Grappler Baki, also covers until volume 23 of the second saga.

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