Baki Gaiden: Kizumen - Scarface
Baki Gaiden Scarface
Author Keisuke Itagaki
Artist Yukinao Yamauchi
Original Publisher Akita Shoten
Magazine Champion Red
Weekly Shōnen Champion
Genre Action, Mature, Shounen
Original run 2005 - 2009
Volumes 7 (Complete)

Baki Gaiden: Kizumen - Scarface (バキ外伝 疵面 -スカーフェイス-, Baki Gaiden Kizumen - Sukāfeisu -; literally: "Baki Side Story: Scarface - Scarface"), also known as Baki Gaiden: Scarface or Scarface, The Legend of the Invincible Fist, is a spinoff series, by Keisuke Itagaki and Yukinao Yamauchi, depicting Kaoru Hanayama's yakuza adventures. Ran from March 2005 to December 2007 in Champion Red, then in July 2009 in Weekly Shōnen Champion, currently 7 volumes.


The gaiden is an another side story in the Baki world. This series follows Kaoru Hanayama's story.

List of ChaptersEdit

# English Title Original Title
Volume 1
1 Fist
2 The Challenge 挑戦状
3 Fireworks 花火
4 From the Beginning!! 一からッ!!
5 The T-Rex T-レックス
6 A Wish 願い
Volume 2
7 Wind
8 A Big Smash 重衝突
9 A Real Punch 本当の拳
10 A Big Smash Can Get the World!! 巨拳、地球を釣る!!
11 Fighting in the Sea 海中勝負
12 Father and Child 父子
13 Loyalty 忠義
Volume 3
14 Attack 襲撃
15 Chase 追撃
16 Assassin 暗殺者
17 Here It Comes 来た
18 Trap ワナ
19 Facts 顛末
20 Contact 接触
Volume 4
21 Production (Part I) 本番(其の壱)
22 License to Kill 殺しのLicence
23 Grand Master G・M
24 Production (Part II) 本番(其の弐)
25 Production (Part III) 本番(其の参)
26 Production (Part IV) 本番(其の四)
27 Production (Part V) 本番(其の伍)
28 Via 経由
29 One Person... その誰もが…
30 On the Other Side of the Static 雷鳴の向こうに
Volume 5
- ExtraBlow0: Origin ExtraBlow0 起源
- ExtraBlow1: Just Like a Lion ExtraBlow1 怡も獅子の如く
- ExtraBlow2: FlashBack ExtraBlow2 FlashBack
31 Decision 決断
32 Grand Master's Headquarters G・M サイドの核心
33 All Out Battle!!! 全面交戦!!!
34 Giant Fist vs Pistol 巨拳vs拳銃
35 逃がさねえぜッ
36 滑走路
37 開戦の様式
38 チビスケvsウスノロ
- ExtraBlow3 口伝
Volume 6
40 ROUND.2
41 道撃
42 N・O・N
43 強カなー手
44 退がってろ
45 limousine
Volume 7
46 破壊
47 破壊(其の弐)
48 男ならー
49 詰むや詰まざるや
50 give up
51 騒動の鍵
52 誠意
53 成人の儀

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