Baki Gaiden: Kizuzura
Baki Gaiden Kizuzura
Author Keisuke Itagaki
Artist Yukinao Yamauchi
Original Publisher Akita Shoten
Magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Champion
Genre Action, Mature, Shōnen
Original run 2011 - ongoing
Volumes 3 (Ongoing)

Baki Gaiden: Kizuzura (バキ外伝 創面, Baki Gaiden Kizuzura; literally: "Baki's Side Story: Scarface") is a spinoff series, by Keisuke Itagaki and Yukinao Yamauchi, based on Hanayama Kaoru adventures in High school. Began in Bessatsu Shōnen Champion in July 2012.


The gaiden follows Kaoru Hanayama's High School story.

List of ChaptersEdit

# English Title Original Title
Volume 1
0 Readymade 既製品
1 Kaoru Hanayama, 15 Years Old 花山薫15歳
2 超非武装
3 体罰許可制
4 水泳実習
Volume 2
4.5 新学期前夜
5 Half-Cutの仙吉
6 巨 (拳) 伝説
7 静かなる家路
8 キミを気遣っていた
9 青竹
Volume 3
10 偉丈夫
11 飛んで火が付くD
12 今夜はもう帰りなさい
13 体力測定
14 愛犬
15 勉強の後

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