A Warrior's Heart
Episode number 5
English title A Warrior's Heart
Original title 戦士の心
Saga Childhood Saga
Series Baki the Grappler TV
Original airdate February 5, 2001
Episode Chronology
Previous The Fang and the Tears
Next Spirit

A Warrior's Heart is the fifth episode of Baki the Grappler TV. The original airdate of this episode was February 5, 2001.


After returning home, Baki learns that Yuri will be fighting for the heavyweight title, so he visits Yuri at his gym. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa tells Hanayama that he can't fight Baki until Baki has fought Yuri, but Hanayama has other plans. Before Yuri's title fight, he was attacked by Hanayama who defeat him and destroyed his hand.


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