0.5 Second Unconscious
Names 0.5 Second
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Baki Hanma's Style
User(s) Baki Hanma
Similar None

0.5 Second Unconscious (0.5秒の無意識, 0. 5-Byō no Muishiki) is a special fighting skill used by Baki Hanma.


It refers to the book of Tor Nørretranders. In the book, Nørretranders states that people are triggered half a second earlier than the brain orders to move. For example, a knife is flying towards some person. That person is trigerred, but still unconscious. 0.5 second later the brain orders to move and the action comes. That means between when the person is triggered and when become conscious, the person is unconscious for 05. second and people can beat that person as much as they like for 0.5 second. It's almost an invisible moment, but Baki has achieved that skill.

Baki used the 0.5 Second Unconscious skill against Biscuit Oliva in the third series of the manga.

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